Home Performance Audits

What is a home performance audit?
An audit is a structured evaluation of a home's performance in several key energy- and sustainability-related areas. It includes interviews with the homeowner, visual inspections inside and outside the home, and diagnostic/performance testing.

Why Should I Have One?

Our audits result in an Action Plan showing, in stepwise fashion, where you should begin and how you should proceed toward higher and higher levels of energy efficiency, performance, and sustainability. You learn how to:

  • Save 20% or more on energy bills; in just a few months, you will save more than the audit costs!
  • Enhance comfort; reduce drafts and prevent heat and A/C losses
  • Improve indoor air quality; trade toxins and odors for fresh air
  • Protect the value of your home; help your home last and build resale value
  • Reduce your carbon footprint; help our environment.


10 for professional, 10 for respectful, 10 for a report that answered our questions. I would absolutely recommend Tom to my friends... I can't think of any way this experience could have been more user friendly! -LW, Carrboro, NC

(My wife) and I are very pleased. We felt you did a very thorough and professional job and your explanation was very on-target and understandable. Thank you for your valuable assessment and the step-by-step action plan. I now know what needs to be addressed in the house to make it more efficient. -DS, Hillsborough, NC


How long does an audit take?
A typical audit takes four to six hours and you get your Action Plan in just a few days.

How much does an audit cost?
The cost depends on the complexity of the audit.  In just a few minutes we can give you an estimate over the phone.

Do you use an infrared camera?
Yes, we use an IR camera in multiple ways during audits.

Do you take debit/credit cards?